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Aging Natural

Aging is a natural process that has been contorted into something ugly and scary; the act of "aging gracefully" seems to be a fantasy.

As people age, they tend to peak physically, slowly spiraling downward from that point on. Matrix Age Management provides a proactive, preventative program that stops the descent and brings you back to a pinnacle of health and happiness.

This "normal" aging trajectory is not normal at all. At Matrix Age Management, we want to see our patients reach a personal height of fitness and health, and maintain it the rest of their lives. We provide a proactive, preventive program that stops the descent and brings you back to a pinnacle of health and happiness.

Our Process

Our process starts with a consultation. In the consultation, you learn the ins and outs of Matrix Age Management, while Dr. Patrick Proffer sits down with you and gets to know your goals and specific concerns. From there, Dr. Proffer will perform an extensive laboratory workup to identify advanced biomarkers and genetic predispositions.

Your Plan Options

Comprehensive Health Program

Age doesn’t have to slow you down. With our Comprehensive Health Program, you can have the energy to do what you love and feel confident about living a long, healthy life.

  • Advanced blood work
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Exercise plan
  • And more

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Hormone Optimization

Hormonal imbalances can impact every aspect of your life, from your energy levels and focus to your libido and skin health. Our natural hormone replacement therapies restore hormone balance so you can feel like yourself again.

  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Testosterone Pellets


Executive Health Program

Healthy employees are an essential ingredient of a strong company culture. Our Executive Health Program allows you to keep your employees healthy and happy every day of the year.

  • Comprehensive testing
  • Dietary and nutrition counseling
  • Stress and sleep management
  • And more

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Our Plan

Once the results are in, patients attend an extended appointment where we review the test results. After performing a stress test and fitness test, we tailor a plan based on your individual results. No patient is exactly the same, so no plan is exactly the same, either.

Starting with the correction of any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, Matrix focuses on sleep, nutrition, and exercise while addressing hormone imbalances and fluctuations.

We break down this long journey into manageable steps because we personally understand how overwhelming life is, and how distressing getting older can be. Dr. Patrick Proffer contacts patients every month to help them stay the course and encourage them along the way.


The Five Tenets Pyramid

The Age Management team will examine the current status of each of the following aspects in your life and design a plan for optimizing each: sleep and stress management techniques, proper nutrition, individualized exercise plan, optimal hormone levels, and pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Lifestyle modifications to incorporate these five elements will help you unlock your inner athlete, and age with health and grace. 





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    Sleep + Stress

    Good sleep habits and stress management are vital health components to an improved quality of life, adequate weight loss, faster muscle recovery, and increased longevity. In today's busy world, the problems of insufficient sleep are common; they can derail the benefits of proper diet and exercise.

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    There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet. Genetics, current health status, disease prevention needs, and outcome goals make our dietary needs different. Regardless, whole food nutrition can have a positive impact our health future. Each food choice impacts our long term health.

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    Fitness + Exercise

    Personalize your exercise routine. Long hours spent doing the “wrong” exercises, like chronic cardio, can impede results and even cause injuries. Identify your unique target outcome and personal goals to exercise smarter, not longer. Having an individualized program will help you maximize your fitness gains.

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    Optimize Hormones

    Hormones, our bodies' master communicators, decline with age. But these waning levels can be attenuated and even reversed to correct decreased libido, declining muscle mass, and lack of motivation. Fight middle age decline by closely monitoring blood levels and physical symptoms to find your point of optimal functioning.

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    Even if you eat healthy, wholesome foods, you may still experience vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The right supplements can improve well-being, prevent illness, and optimize body function. It's essential to use pharmaceutical grade supplements to ensure quality. Over-the-counter options don't always offer what is advertised.



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