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5 Healthy Snacks You Can Grab At A Convenience Store

Trying to eat healthy at home is one thing. You plan your meals and take care to stock your home with healthy, whole foods. But what about travel? 

This seems to be the time when people throw up their hands and end up binge-eating packs of donuts from roadside convenience stores. How can this be avoided?

How Can I Eat Healthy On The Road?

It all comes down to identifying the best foods you can find wherever you are. Even convenience stores have healthier choices. The most important thing you can do is stay away from the grains and the chips. No donuts, no pretzels. Avoid soda and energy drinks. If you need caffeine because you are tired and need a boost, drink some tea or plain black coffee. Better yet, boost your energy levels by staying hydrated with lots of water!


Healthy Foods Found At Convenience Stores

  • Nuts. Ideally, almonds or cashews. Try to find unsalted or lightly salted if you can. You may also want to check out trail mix. Just be aware of the ingredients.

  • Dried fruit. Although many dried fruit brands contain a bit too much sugar, they are still a healthier alternative than pastries or potato chips. Most stores carry raisins at least.

  • Fresh fruit. Before you head for the junk, check to see if they have any bananas or oranges. Many convenience stores carry some fresh foods. Snack packs of carrots and celery are great if you can find them.

  • Hardboiled eggs. This is another food that many small stores carry.

  • Yogurt. Keep it healthier by opting for plain.

  • String cheese.

  • Beef jerky. Granted, many brands aren't exactly healthy, but keep your eye out for quality brands that use grass-fed beef and have minimal preservatives.

Sometimes you have to choose the lesser evil. Whole foods that are minimally packaged and processed are ideal, however, they may be in short supply at a convenience store where foods may sit on the shelf for some time. If you can find fresh food, that should be your first choice. In the absence of fresh choices, choose the best high-protein, low sugar items you can find. Keep away from grains and you will be okay.

Other road trip tips include getting out and stretching periodically and staying hydrated.

Staying healthy and youthful is easier when you have support. Matrix Age Management offers that support through fitness, diet, hormone therapy and supplementation. Contact Matrix Age Management in Amarillo, Texas, for help.

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