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Testosterone Is No Joke: Science-Based Tool, Exercises, Treatments & More That Boost Your Energy, Strength, & Libido

Testosterone has many benefits. It directly affects male anatomy and metabolism, is responsible for muscle mass and strong bones, and plays a crucial role in male sexual performance. 

Therefore, testosterone can directly affect how you see and define yourself. 

Unfortunately, by age 40 testosterone levels begin to decrease 1% every year. The changes that result from aging and low T can leave you feeling out of place in your own body. Even though the decrease in testosterone is gradual, noticeable differences can and will occur. 

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Unfortunately, by age 40 testosterone levels begin to decrease 1% every year. The changes that result from aging and low T can leave you feeling out of place in your own body. Even though the decrease in testosterone is gradual, noticeable differences can and will occur. 

You might have less energy than you used to. Or, you might find your strength diminished. Maybe you’re less interested in sex.

Aging shouldn’t diminish your self-confidence. Luckily, there are plenty of ways — natural and otherwise — to raise your testosterone and get back to feeling more like yourself. 

5 Ways To Get The Testosterone Boost You Need

Consult your doctor and make sure your treatments are safe and appropriate before trying something new. It’s also a good idea to have your levels evaluated by a trusted physician. This will help you determine the severity of low T you may have and which treatments could provide the most relief.

If you’re feeling the effects of low testosterone, boosting it back to your normal levels is just a matter of what type of treatment works best for you.

Replace Your Testosterone Naturally

Bio-identical hormones are chemically identical hormones to what your body naturally produces. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy takes those identical hormones and replaces them in your body via injections, creams, gels, or testosterone pellets. 


Testosterone levels rise after a workout. So, just as testosterone has an effect on muscle mass, exercise can boost testosterone levels. That said, this is only the case if it becomes a habit and you continually challenge yourself. 

Generally, strength training has a greater effect on testosterone because you use more muscles. But you shouldn’t neglect cardio or flexibility either because it’s better for your overall health.  

Make sure you have adequate rest between workout so that your body has time to heal or you might reduce your testosterone and do your body damage instead. 

Keep in mind that, as you gain strength, your body will get used to the work you put it through. That’s why you must continually up the challenge, push yourself at every turn, and come up with an exercise plan that works for you and as you grow in strength. 


Eating healthy might not be enough to get what your body needs. Natural supplements might work to increase the levels of testosterone in your body by direct or indirect methods. Not all supplements are created equal, so it’s important to choose supplements approved by the FDA with high quality and potency standards.

The right supplements can optimize body function, including boosting testosterone. Examples of such supplements include D-Aspartic Acid and Vitamin D. Others that might help are magnesium, Vitamin D/K, zinc, DHEA, Creatine, and boron


It’s a well-known fact that diet plays a key role in your overall health. However, you might not know that what you eat impacts your hormonal balance as well. Ginger, oysters, pomegranates, leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, extra virgin olive oil, and onions are among some of the best foods for increasing testosterone

Following a carefully constructed diet will make eating the right way easier. We recommend the Mediterranean diet because it’s a lifestyle that can significantly improve your overall health and involves eating some of the foods on the above list. 

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Improve Your Sex Life

One of the most common symptoms of low T is decreased sexual performance and erectile dysfunction. These two treatment options help improve performance and boost your confidence in the process. Try them together for even better results.

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The P-Shot enhances sexual function and has long-lasting results. In this non-surgical procedure, a trusted doctor will take a patient’s own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and inject it into the penis, delivering growth factors and stem cells to provide rejuvenation without medication.


Most performance problems have to do with sufficient blood flow to the penis. GAINSWave helps by utilizing high-frequency, low-intensity pulsed waves to improve blood flow, repair aged blood vessels, stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, and remove decades of micro-plaque.

If You’re Not Sure Your Testosterone Is Low

If you aren’t feeling like yourself, your testosterone might not be to blame. To know for certain, check out these eight signs you might need hormone optimization. Then, schedule a consultation with Matrix Age Management. 

The medical team at Matrix Age Management performs an extensive laboratory workup to identify advanced biomarkers and genetic predispositions. This ensures you know exactly what’s causing the issues and how to get back to feeling like normal, regardless of which path you take. 

You should always discuss your options with a trusted physician. Everything explained here can be individualized and applied to your specific situation. 

If you’d like more information, you can schedule a consultation today to see how Matrix Age Management can help you get back to feeling like yourself.  

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