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Can Your Diet Affect Your Sex Life?

Every time we turn around, experts are discovering more and more outlying factors that can affect an individual’s sex life. Medications, stress, anxiety, and even peripheral medical conditions can all have an adverse effect on sexual stamina, performance, and desire. But did you know that diet can also play a key role in quality of sex?

Diet And Your Sex Life

AdobeStock_87865858“You are what you eat.” We’ve all heard that saying at one point in our lives. We are also well acquainted with the negative effects that a high fat/high carb diet can have on the body. When a diet consists of foods that are fat/carb/calorie rich, we might experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Bloat

And, yes, reduced sex drive.

How we eat can absolutely reduce our desire for intimacy. Lethargy, bloat, weight gain – all of these events can be triggered by an unhealthy diet. And when we feel less than our best, our libido drops significantly.

Compounding the body’s initial negative response, when a person is unhappy with their weight or personal body image, the psychological response can often swing downward. Negative body image, anxiety over the ability to perform and/or arouse your partner, and low self-esteem are all active participants in reducing an individual’s sex drive. This psychological reaction causes a cyclical effect, fueling the body’s negative reactions. A true, vicious cycle.

The key to keeping this kind of cycle in check is with a balance. A well-balanced diet that is.

Eating To Improve Your Sex Drive

There’s a reason they call it “junk food.” And, while there is no magic bullet, cure-all pill, or quick fix that we can take to clean out our system or flip our sex-drive switch into the on position, we do have the power to eat a diet that creates a healthy environment where our bodies (and sex lives) can thrive.

For example, diets balanced with the six basic nutrients of:

  • Proteins
  • Complex Carbohydrates
  • Good fats (poly or monounsaturated)
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water

can ensure a healthier lifestyle, which can lead to mental clarity, which promotes a boost to self-confidence and a boost to your sex drive.

And, when we pair healthy eating with positive lifestyle changes and enhancements like: staying active, meditation, yoga, socialization, and prescription-grade supplements, exercise support, hormone therapy, stress management and sleep solutions offered by Matrix Age Management in Amarillo, we’re creating a solid foundation on which to build healthier habits.

Schedule a consultation with us today and find out how the Matrix Sexual Vitality program can help you have a more satisfying sex life!


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