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Alcohol Doesn't Have To Derail Your Diet

Drinking an occasional beer or a glass of wine is part of life for many people. It complements certain foods and is often available at social events and functions. Yet, for the health-conscious, alcohol represents extra calories and other negative consequences. How can you balance drinking alcohol and leading a healthy lifestyle?

Tips For Being A Health-Conscious Drinker

  1. Enjoy a 4 oz. glass of red wine with dinner. When you ingest alcohol without eating food, the liquid will pass through the stomach and directly into the small intestine, where it will be absorbed quickly. That is why drinking on an empty stomach will get most people drunk very quickly. If you consume sufficient amounts of food while having a drink, the stomach will break the alcohol down before releasing it into the small intestine. A smaller amount of alcohol is absorbed.

  2. Choose alcohol with a higher liquid content. Shots of straight liquor are not a good idea. The alcohol content is very concentrated and there is not enough volume to prevent the stomach from letting the shot go straight to the small intestine for quick absorption. Have your rum, tequila or vodka in a mixed drink low-calorie/low-sugar options, such as club soda, lime juice or infused water.

  3. Drink in moderation. You may have heard drinking is healthy — not necessarily. You must ALWAYS drink in moderation, not binge drink. Have a glass or two of wine, not a pitcher of beer or a fishbowl margarita. In addition, drinking lowers your inhibitions and encourages poor food choices. The calories will add quickly and can completely derail your progress.

  4. Live a healthy life. Taking care of your mental, physical and emotional health will have a great influence on how well you handle alcohol consumption. Eat a healthy diet. Regularly exercise. Keep your stress levels to a minimum. Get regular sleep. Socialize with friends and family.

It is possible to consume alcohol while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but always keep yourself in check. It’s easy to allow the stresses of life and peer pressure to knock you off course. If you are interested in changing your lifestyle and becoming a healthier you, contact Matrix Age Management to schedule a consultation.

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