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Could These 2 Treatments Give Women The Most Satisfying Sex Of Their Lives?

Man&Woman-happy-in-bedElusive satisfying sex life…where are you? This is a question many women regularly ask themselves.

Maybe you used to enjoy an active, healthy sex life, one where your partner had no complaints, and you had no complaints? Perhaps you basked in the warm afterglow, time and again?

However, things slowly started going south.

Or perhaps you’re one of the millions of women who have failed to reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone?

Whether your afterglow has absconded with your sexual satisfaction, or you’re still searching for that pinnacle of sexual experience (the vaginal orgasm), you want to have a satisfying sex life.

Of course, you do. We all do. But how do we get there?

Well, the first step to achieving any goal is understanding you’re up against. Read on and find out why your sex life might be suffering.

When Good Sex Goes Bad

A satisfying sex life is something women all over the world aim to achieve. And when sex is no longer enjoyable for us or our partners, self-doubt often starts chipping away at our confidence. Suddenly we’re wondering what we did to chase the satisfaction away.

Well, get rid of that thought, ladies, and tell that self-doubt to take a hike because odds are, it’s nothing you’ve done.

In fact, it’s more likely a matter of life events. And there are some very real-life events that can transform a mutually enjoyable sex life into something, well, not so fun.

Life events such as childbirth and menopause, for example, can seriously impact your vaginal laxity. Also, what about those hormones that bombard us during pregnancy and menopause, or the stress of childbirth itself? All of those life events can cause thin, stretched tissue and vaginal dryness – all of which increase your chances of experiencing uncomfortable, painful, and unsatisfying sex.

But you’re not going to give up and relegate your desire for a satisfying sex life to the dustbin of past experience, are you?

No, you’re not.

You want to feel confident, revitalized, and secure in your ability to both provide, and receive, mutually enjoyable sexual encounters.

Here are two ways you can bring the zing back into your sex life!

The O-Shot

Ladies, this non-surgical treatment will enhance your sex life and provide you with a renewed sense of self-confidence!

This treatment consists of an injection of platelets rich plasma (PRP) – derived from your blood – into the vaginal tissue. PRP stimulates stem cells to grow healthy vaginal tissue. Some sexual enjoyment barriers treated by the O-Shot include:

  • Decreased libido
  • Stress-related urinary incontinence
  • Decreased ability to orgasm
  • Problems with the mucous membranes, such as dryness
  • Postpartum fecal incontinence
  • Chronic pain from childbirth trauma, such as scarring
  • Chronic pain from meshes

The procedure takes less than 10 minutes and can be performed in the safety and comfort of the Matrix Age Management facility.

The diVa Treatment

Why should you feel sexually inadequate, insecure, and even ashamed because of your inability to enjoy, or provide, a positive sexual experience?

You don’t have to. The diVa laser vaginal therapy is here to help repair and rejuvenate damaged tissue, allowing you to enjoy sex again.

The diVa Treatment is a revolutionary laser resurfacing procedure that uses ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to cleanse and improve vaginal tissue. Not only is it safe and effective, the entire procedure takes an average of only five minutes to ten minutes.

Benefits can you see from the diVa Treatment include:

  • Repairing damaged tissue
  • Tightening stretched skin
  • Increasing natural lubrication
  • Improving quality and frequency of orgasms

Both the O-Shot and the diVa Treatment are available at Matrix Age Management and are ideal for women of all ages – from childbearing years to menopause. The only requirement is a desire to achieve and maintain a healthy, active, and satisfying sex life.

At Matrix Age Management, we understand how a woman’s sexual health problems can decrease confidence in your relationship and in yourself. Whether you’re a girlfriend, wife, mother, or someone who is simply seeking a better sexual experience, you deserve better, more satisfying sex.

If you’re ready to experience a better, more fulfilling and satisfying sex life, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Karen Proffer, FNP-C, and find out if the O-Shot or the diVa Treatment are right for you.


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