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Defy Your Aging Metabolism With These Tips

Metabolism is the process that converts the calories you consume into energy and, therefore, plays a crucial role in your weight loss efforts. While several factors affect your basal metabolic rate (BMR) – such as gender, muscle mass, size and genetics – age is one of the strongest influences. 

BMR is highest during childhood and adolescence, leveling off and then gradually decreasing in your twenties and beyond. Unfortunately, the result of this decrease is sustained weight gain.

So, does getting older automatically mean gaining weight? Not necessarily. It’s true that you can’t completely control the decline in metabolism, but there are actions you can take to slow down the process. Take a look at these five tips for defying your aging metabolism.

What Can I Do To Fight A Slowing Metabolism?

Strength Train

More and more health experts are recommending including strength training in your workout regimen. Increased muscle mass equals increased metabolism, which results in more calories burned. For this reason, it’s best to incorporate strength training at least two to three times each week.

Increase Aerobic Intensity

High-intensity exercises produce a phenomena termed “after burn,” during which you burn extra calories after your workout. Exercising at a level at which it’s difficult to hold a conversation is the way to achieve after burn. Examples include running, swimming, and biking at a brisk pace.

Get Plenty of Protein

Protein provides your body with amino acids, which help muscles grow and repair after exercise. The important thing to remember when it comes to protein is to consume high-quality sources. Doing so ensures you aren’t adding unnecessary calories to your diet and sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Drink Water

Every chemical reaction in your body requires water – even those processes that burn calories need water to work properly. Health professionals recommend drinking half your weight in ounces of water each day.

Avoid Extreme Dieting

Despite popular opinion, starving yourself is not the answer to weight problems. Drastically decreasing your caloric intake may result in a plunge on the scale, but the low numbers largely  represent water and muscle loss. To effectively lose fat, maintain a moderate diet with sufficient calories to supply necessary nutrients.

Managing the aging process is often overwhelming and discouraging, but following these tips is one way to ease the pain. Sometimes, though, you need a little extra help. This is when Matrix Age Management in Amarillo is the answer. With prescription-grade supplements, exercise support, hormone therapy, stress management and sleep solutions, we help you not only age well, but also thrive in life. Reach out to us to learn more.

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