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FDA Approves Human Trials Of Anti-Aging Drug

Since the beginning of time, it seems that people have been on a quest for the proverbial “fountain of youth.” While much has been discovered over the course of history in regards to aging, including the role diet and activity play on your longevity, it continues to be an intriguing area of discussion. The latest development ushers in what might be the most revolutionary option for prolonging life to date.

Testing Of Anti-Aging Drug Scheduled

What may be the world’s first real anti-aging drug is slated to be tested in human trials as early as next year and the preliminary findings are nothing short of astounding.

Typically, a “magic pill” has been something of fable, but recent research shows that it might be more than a fairytale. New studies have proven that the diabetes medication, Metformin, extends the life of animals and the Food and Drug Administration has given the green light for the drugs to be tested in humans.

If their hypotheses about what the drug could do in humans are true, this may be a game changer  in the science of aging. It would essentially mean a person in their 60s would be as healthy as someone in their 40s. This also means physicians that treat diseases and conditions like diabetes, dementia, and certain types of cancer would no longer tackle them as singular illnesses, but instead treat the catalyst for these conditions, aging.

Matrix Age Management takes the stance of proactively fighting the aging process, instead of reactively treating the ailments and decline that can be associated with aging. While studies on this medication are groundbreaking and hold promise of an extended future, the groundwork you are laying now is crucial. Committing to healthy habits for yourself and your family will set a standard that will ensure you get the most out of your years.

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