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Heart Attack And Stroke — Do You Know The Signs?

Heart disease and stroke are both in the list of the top 5 causes of death in the US. Knowing the signs of heart attacks and strokes can help you immediately see the problem, call for help, and get treatment in time.

Heart Attack Warning Signs

shutterstock_695929858.jpgA heart attack will sometimes be sudden and intense. For others, the signs will start slowly, beginning with mild discomfort. It's important to be aware of other warning signs and know when to call for help. Heart attack warning signs include:

  • Chest Pain - A heart attack will usually begin with a tight feeling in the chest. A feeling of pressure or squeezing in the middle of the chest may go away and come back.
  • Upper Body Discomfort - A feeling of discomfort in the arms, neck, jaw, back, and stomach may also occur.
  • Shortness of Breath - The feeling of not being about to catch your breath may come with chest pain or on its own.
  • Additional Signs - A heart attack might also come with dizziness, nausea, or a cold sweat.

Stroke Warning Signs

A stroke is a medical emergency that should be treated immediately to prevent death or irreparable damage. The warning signs of a stroke are:

  • Face drooping or a feeling of numbness on one side. If you suspect a stroke, ask the individual to smile to make this sign noticeable.
  • Weakness or numbness in one arm. Ask the individual to lift their arms above their head and notice if one arm can't be raised.
  • Sudden trouble with balancing or walking.
  • Slurred speech or an inability to speak. Notice if the individual is having a hard time speaking or if they're difficult to understand.

Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Factors

Heart attacks and strokes can affect anyone. However, there are some risk factors that greatly increase the chance of suffering from one or the other.

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • History of smoking
  • Diabetes
  • A sedentary lifestyle

What To Do When You Notice Signs

shutterstock_580456333-1.jpgRemember that if you see someone having a heart attack or stroke, every second counts. Call 911 immediately for help. An EMT is equipped to start treating an individual immediately. Getting help immediately can greatly improve the chance of surviving the trauma and making a full recovery.

Make your health a priority by reducing the risk factors of heart attack and stroke. Matrix Age Management can help to reverse the aging process and guide you toward feeling your best at every age.



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