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How Does Sleep Affect Your Health?

Although nothing feels better than waking up refreshed, a good night's rest is often easier said than done. Modern times offer more distractions and sleep thieves than ever before, such as the internet and smartphones. 

Yet, a good night's rest is an essential component for living a healthy life. A good night's rest is key to thinking clearer, feeling better and even looking better.

Does Sleep Deprivation Have An Effect On Weight?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that more than 35 percent of people in the United States are sleep deprived. It becomes inherently clear sleep deprivation and obesity are connected when you consider the nearly identical obesity statistic. Failing to get sufficient sleep results in an unhealthy balance of hormones leptin (makes you feel full) and ghrelin (makes you feel hungry). When you don't sleep, you will be hungrier compared to the times when you've gotten a good night's sleep.

Can Sleep Cause Health Issues?

Sleep also affects our body’s usage of insulin, which controls your blood sugar level or glucose. A study from The University of Chicago discovered that within only four days of sleep deprivation, your body's insulin sensitivity falls by a staggering 30 percent. As a result, you will have higher glucose levels and be at a higher risk for diabetes.

According to research conducted by the West Virginia University School of Medicine published in the journal Sleep, people sleeping less than seven hours a night have a higher risk of developing heart disease. More so, women who are under 60 and sleep for five hours or less have twice the risk of developing heart disease.  

What Effect Does Sleep Have On My Mental and Emotional Health?

Simply put, sleep is essential for your brain to work properly. As you sleep, your brain works to create new pathways and new ways to help you remember information more effectively. Several studies suggest that a good night's rest bolsters learning, boosts creativity, helps you stay focused and make better decisions. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, sleep deficiency has been linked to suicide, risk taking behavior and depression.

In order to age well, you must sleep well. As simple as it sounds, getting a good night's rest can be tiring and often entail more work than rest. If you want to think clearer, feel better, look better and age more gracefully, contact Matrix Age Management in Amarillo, Texas, to learn more about quality sleep, a fundamental aspect of our proactive approach to aging.

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