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How Is HIIT Better Than Other Workouts?

Rope-workoutHigh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a fat-burning exercise routine. As its name implies, the routine alternates between bursts of high-intensity exercises with recovery periods of low-intensity activity. 

As opposed to low-intensity ‘chronic cardio’ – like long, slow runs – HIITs maximize the efficiency of exercise and have the added benefit of "post-workout burn." The cardiovascular improvements on exercise tolerance can be tremendous, as well.

Popular high-intensity activities include sprinting, biking, burpees, lunge jumps and jump squats; low-intensity activities include walking or slowly jogging, push ups, side shuffles and stretches. 

A common ratio for advanced HIIT enthusiasts is to spend one minute on high-intensity exercises for every minute of low-intensity activity; beginners usually devote more time to low-intensity activity.

HIIT is ideal for people with little free time. It requires little or no equipment, and can be performed in almost any environment. It also tends to be less time-consuming than other methods of exercise; the typical HIIT routine takes no more than 30 minutes. Its convenience, coupled with its health benefits, explain why HIIT is rapidly becoming one of the most popular fitness trends in America.

Health Benefits Of HIIT

  • Fat Burning: HIIT burns fat tissue at a 50% higher rate than lower-intensity forms of exercise, making it ideal if you're trying to lose your weight. Metabolism Boost: Every time you perform a full HIIT workout, your body's metabolic rate increases and remains elevated for the next 48 hours. This means that you'll keep burning calories long after the exercise has ended.
  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: According to a recent study, adolescents who perform high-intensity exercises such as HIIT are less likely to develop risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
  • Diabetes Prevention: Sustained exercises can lower your blood sugar in the short term, but because it involves aerobic training, HIIT also makes your body more sensitive to insulin, helping you control your blood sugar levels in the long term. For best results, incorporate resistance training exercises into your routine.
  • Improved Athletic Performance: HIIT gives you the energy and stamina to perform other exercises better and for longer and the benefits begin almost immediately. A 2009 study on rowers, for example, found that those who had performed just seven HIIT sessions were able to row at a 2% faster rate than their counterparts.

Looking to improve your health with HIIT training? Matrix Age Management will help you develop an HIIT routine that's right for your body and offers counseling on the lifestyle and nutrition changes you'll need to make to sustain a healthy lifestyle. For more information, contact us today.

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