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How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation

In the middle of a busy day filled with work, running errands, and taking care of others, how do you find peace? Practicing mindful meditation can help you to stay calm and balanced, even in the midst of chaos.

What Is Mindful Meditation?

Unlike other forms of meditation, mindful meditation focuses on the practice of being completely present in your current reality. The process encourages you to actively experience all of your senses and become aware of your emotions. As we go through day to day life, our brain usually takes care of those actions for us. Mindful meditation helps us to be completely aware and to acknowledge every thought and feeling.

Benefits Of Mindful Meditation

The practice of meditation has been used throughout history and in nearly every culture in one form or another. In most cases, the goal is move from worry, frustration, and other negative emotions to a place of peace, restfulness, and contentment. Now, more people are noticing the impact that meditation has on overall mental health and happiness.

Practicing mindfulness techniques can help to address depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues, anger, and relationship issues. It can also have a positive effect on physical health. Research shows that practicing mindful meditation can improve quality of sleep, reduce chronic pain, and lower blood pressure.

How To Meditate Mindfully

To begin, find a quiet and peaceful area where you can be alone for a period of time. Try to clear away distractions. Decide how much time you'd like to set aside and set a timer for that amount of time to avoid obsessing over how long you've been sitting.

Find a comfortable sitting position and straighten your back. Let your chin drop and your eyes close. Be still and focus on your breaths, noticing the sound of the air entertain your nose, the way the breath enters your chest, and the movement of your shoulders as you exhale.

During your practice, your mind will inevitably wander. Acknowledge the thought and bring your mind back to center. When your mind wanders, come back to focusing on your breaths.

When your time is over, take a moment to pause. Notice any differences in how you feel. Make an intentional decision about how you'd like the rest of the day to go.

As we age, it's important to focus on both physical and mental wellbeing. Visit Matrix Age Management to learn more about embracing a healthy lifestyle.

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