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Is Water The Key To Great Skin?

Did you know that water is a necessity for quality of life?

You already know that water is essential for a human being to survive. Without water, a person can die. What you may not know is that water is necessary for a healthy quality of life as well.

Picture a house plant. What happens when you don't water it enough? It gets dehydrated, which wilts its leaves and damages its internal structures. That's what happens when you don't give the human body enough water. It gets dehydrated and it starts to wilt.

One of the most effective anti-aging options available to everyone is to drink plenty of water.

Water And Your Health

Water is an integral component of a healthy body. Here are a few examples that illustrate this point.

  • Studies have found that three risk factors for coronary artery disease are associated with how much water a person takes in. These factors are blood thickness, the volume of red blood cells, and levels of fibrinogen in the blood. People who drank less than two glasses of water a day were more likely to have elevated levels of these factors, which puts them at high risk of coronary artery disease.
  • A key study found that drinking water is essential to the treatment of peptic ulcers. Simply drinking water can help alleviate the symptoms of the ulcers as well as aid in the healing process.
  • The kidneys play a key role in regulating blood pressure as well as removing waste. Water is an essential part of both functions.

Does Water Fight Wrinkles And Skin Dryness?

Many beauty magazines tout water as the key to youthful-looking skin. Unfortunately, this might not be the case.

Wrinkles and other signs of aging are usually triggered by sun and environmental damage as well as genetics. Drinking water is essential for healthy skin, but it cannot counteract the effects of those other factors.

Dry skin is another aging issue that is not solved by drinking water. Dry air, scrubbing with soap, and exposure to hot water can cause dryness that drinking water will not counteract.

Water And Weight Loss

While drinking water may not stop the signs of aging, it can help you lose weight.

Studies have shown that drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal can help with weight loss.

One study followed 48 adults between the ages of 55 and 75. Each participant was randomly selected to be a part of two groups, one who drank water before meals and the other that did not. During the 12 week study, the group which drank the water before eating lost over four pounds more than the other group.

Why is drinking water effective for weight loss? It may be something as simple as putting a non-caloric liquid in the stomach. It helps the person feel fuller and that, in turn, makes them eat less.

Is Water Anti-Aging?

Water needs to be part of a healthy life, even if it does not fight the wrinkles and fine lines you see in the mirror. It can help you lose weight. It can help maintain or improve your health.

If you want youthful, glowing skin, consider changing your diet to include more wholesome vegetables and fruit. The Mediterranean Diet has been proven to not only aid in weight loss, but to also improve the elasticity and glow of your skin.

Get our free Mediterranean Diet Guide below to learn more.

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