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Music Makes You Move: A 30-Minute Workout Playlist

Trying to get in shape? Don’t forget your headphones and some upbeat music when you hit the gym. While listening to music during a workout certainly isn’t a new concept, it’s one that has recently been backed by science.

Benefits Of Listening To Music While Exercising

We all know music has the power to stir up various emotions within us. For example, melancholy songs have a tendency to bring out the more introspective aspect of yourself — sometimes even making you feel blue — while faster rhythms often improve your mood.

But more than that, the right playlist can actually amp up your workout and enhance your results. Here’s how.

1. Music distracts you from the pain.

While you listen to music, your brain works hard to process the information it’s receiving. Not such a good thing when you’re in a staff meeting at work…but an effective tool for those sweat sessions.

Because your brain is focused on processing music, it has less space to devote to the effort you’re exerting or the pain you’re feeling during a workout. And the faster the better, according to research. Upbeat tunes contain more information for your brain to decode.

2. Music puts you in the zone.

It’s more than just getting pumped for a workout. There’s scientific evidence that shows certain music can literally get you “in the zone.” This is because we often associate specific songs with the memory of the first time we heard those songs. When you channel that memory, you can improve physical performance.

3. Music helps you maintain an ideal pace.

Listening to music while you exercise stimulates the motor area of your brain, which means it helps you know when to move. Taking advantage of these rhythm signals helps you use your body’s energy more efficiently.  

What Music Works Best For Exercise Motivation?

Finding the perfect music for your workout is all about how many beats per minute (BPM) each song is. Too slow and you can’t get going; too fast and you wear yourself out trying to keep up. Studies have found that 150 BPM is an ideal rhythm for maintaining a quick, but not too fast, pace. Here’s a great 30-minute playlist that gives you that perfect beat.

  • “Children” by Delta Spirit
  • “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon Five
  • “Leave Me Alone” by Pink
  • “Laundry Room” by the Avett Brothers
  • “Chariot” by Gavin DeGraw
  • “The Way We Get By” by Spoon
  • “Science of Fear” by The Temper Trap
  • “Teddy Picker” by Arctic Monkeys

For more info on how to make the most work of your workouts and stay active and healthy, give the fitness experts at Matrix Age Management a call.

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