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Sinus Headache? These 2 Supplements Could Be Your Miracle


When you suffer from regular sinus headaches, the pain can quickly disrupt your life. While there are several medical treatments available to relieve sinus pain, many of these leave you drowsy or cause other frustrating side-effects. But there is a natural method to alleviate the sinus pressure that results from allergies.

Woman having pain in sinus and fever

What Is The Cause Of Sinus Pain?

Many people don’t associate allergies with sinus headaches. The thought of allergies generally brings to mind runny noses, itchy and watery eyes, and lots of sneezing. But another symptom that allergy sufferers must endure is intense, painful throbbing in the forehead and around the nose and eyes.

Why does this happen? Simply put, allergens (like pollen) trigger inflammation in the sinus cavities, which prevents mucus from draining properly. The resulting pressure caused by blocked sinuses leads not only to typical allergy symptoms, but also to head and facial pain.  

How Do Bromelain And Quercetin Help?

Bromelain, which is a natural supplement derived from enzymes found in pineapple, reduces sinus pain by thinning mucus and allowing it to drain as it should. One study found that patients who were already on antihistamines or antibiotics experienced a faster decrease in nasal swelling when bromelain was added to the standard prescription drug regimen.

Slices of ripe pineapple and whole fruit on wooden background

Bromelain is effective when used alone, but it’s even more powerful when combined with quercetin. Quercetin is a flavonoid supplement that enhances the function of your immune system while also preventing the release of histamine. Because histamine is the source of your allergy problems, less histamine means less mucus and nasal swelling.

These two powerful, natural supplements can be purchased separately, or you can buy the supplement that combines the two into one product. The most effective dose is 100 mg of bromelain and 400 mg of quercetin taken three times a day.

Risks Associated With Bromelain/Quercetin

The side-effects are minimal, as these supplements are derived from natural ingredients. However, taking them does raise your risk of bleeding, so it’s important to check with a medical professional if you suffer from heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, or stomach ulcers.

The health experts at Matrix Age Management get to know you and your physical needs before recommending any supplements. We assess your diet, activity level, and other factors to determine the best approach to help your reach your health goals. Give us a call today to learn more.


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