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Why You Should Stop Saying You Want To 'Lose Weight'

As the new year quickly approaches, people everywhere scribble down resolutions to be healthier in 2017. They clear their pantries of junk food, sign up for gym memberships, and vow to “lose weight.”

There’s a big problem with this New Year’s resolution, even though it’s well-intended. If you truly desire to slim down and get healthy, then focusing on losing weight is the wrong mentality.  

Are Weight And Fat Synonymous?

When going on a diet or attempting a lifestyle change, most of us use the scale to measure our success. Doing this, however, is a quick way to become discouraged and give up. What you really want is to lose body fat and gain muscle.

Studies have found that when dieting, whether you lose dangerous body fat or simply body weight is determined by macronutrient composition. In other words, losing fat isn’t just about how much you eat, but it’s also about what you eat.   

The pounds reflected on your scale don’t give you an accurate picture of your overall health. Are the lost or gained pounds due to bone, muscle, organs, or fat? This is what matters most to your health. When you focus on being healthy, the desired physique will follow.

What’s The Best Way To Lose Body Fat?

So how do you know if what you’re doing is making you healthier or simply getting rid of body weight (that could possibly come from muscle)? Since the number on your scale can be misleading, it’s important to have regular check-ups with your doctor, eat wholesome foods, and get plenty of physical activity.

Additionally, here are some tips for losing that stubborn body fat:

  • Cut back on carbs and eat healthy fats. Research has found that people on low-carb diets tend to lose more fat and gain more lean muscle than those on low-fat diets.
  • Focus on short bursts of high-intensity workouts if you’re low on time. This type of exercise is just as effective as longer, less intense sessions.
  • Change your mindset. Don’t focus on “losing weight” by stepping on the scale each day. Doing so leads to disappointment and, often, failure.
  • Eat clean. Cut processed foods from your diet as much as possible. Eat whole and organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains, and avoid the junk food aisles of the grocery store altogether. The best way to do this is by only shopping the perimeter of the grocery.

The important thing to remember about achieving your fitness goals is that body weight isn’t necessarily the same thing as body fat. Keep the tips above in mind, and you’ll notice a difference in your body — and your overall health.

For more helpful hints or to seek out a little extra support on your health journey, call the experts at Matrix Age Management today.

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