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Does The Man In Your Life Need GAINSWave?

Are you worried your partner may be dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED)?

He certainly wouldn’t be alone. ED affects 52 percent of men. And, while it may be a “bedroom issue,” the condition can have devastating and long-lasting effects on the self-esteem of both partners in a relationship.

So, what can you do to determine if ED is the elephant in your bedroom, and could GAINSWave be the solution you and your partner are looking for?

Before you stock up on Viagra, let’s look at how to identify ED, as well as a non-surgical alternative treatment. 

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Most men experience sporadic erectile dysfunction. When your partner struggles to get or maintain an erection on a regular basis, however, it’s time to take action.


Most often linked with a lack of adequate blood flow to the penis, ED has several causes. Certain common health issues can hinder blood flow, including:

●       Heart issues, such as high blood pressure and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)

●       Medications for blood pressure, anxiety, and depression

●       Nerve disorders (Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis)

●       Stress, anxiety, and depression

●       Smoking and drinking alcohol

In addition to contributing to the restriction of blood flow, each of these conditions can also lead to nerve issues, which can adversely affect a man’s ability to get and keep an erection. That can leave a lasting impact on both of your sex lives.

Ask yourself if your partner suffers from any of these underlying conditions or takes any medications that may be affecting his ability to get and keep an erection –– they could be contributing factors.

For more signs and causes of ED, check out this blog.

Could GAINSWave Cure Your Partner’s ED?

Because erectile dysfunction is so prevalent, there are many different options out on the market for treating the disorder.

GAINSWave is one of the newest procedures –– and it is gaining in popularity across the globe. Used with great success in Europe for more than 15 years, the GAINSWave procedure utilizes high-frequency sound waves to enhance the blood flow to the penis, optimize erections, improve sensitivity, and boost sexual performance.

With long-lasting results (1 to 2 years!), GAINSWave has been proven to aid in the treatment of ED and Peyronie’s Disease. Both safe and comfortable, the non-surgical procedure can be completed in-office without the use of any drugs.

You’re In This Relationship Together

It takes at least two people to form any relationship, and when things aren’t performing as expected, both partners suffer.

 Don’t let erectile dysfunction come between you and your partner! If you think your partner may be suffering from the effects of ED, talk to them about it. It’s an embarrassing topic, but being open and honest is the first step toward both of you enjoying satisfying sex.

Reversing the symptoms of ED isn’t the only benefit of GAINSWave. The treatment provides a wide variety of surprising benefits — benefits you’ll enjoy as much as he will. Download our free guide, “7 Sexual Benefits Of The P-Shot & GAINSWave,” to learn more.

Download 7 Sexual Benefits  Of The P-Shot & GAINSWave Guide

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